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Lewis is primarily player for special teams. He was picked as the seventh selection in the 2012 Madden 23 coins  Draft. It's not known what the issue in question was or if Lewis will seek to appeal the suspension.

Is Ridley's time on the streets of New England?

New England Patriots running back Stevan Ridingley was benched during Week 12 following the loss of an early ball against the Denver Broncos. It was his fourth loss of the season, as well as the third time in three games. Every time this happens, it's reported that Ridley should ride the bench for a short time and work on his ball safety before returning to his duties, however there are now those who believe he's running out of chances. It's certainly the case.

Titans to sign Schiancoe

The Tennessee Titans are set to make a deal with tight end Visanthe Schiancoe. Delanie Walker as well as Craig Stevens are both dealing with concussions . They could miss time. Schianco was a player in the Baltimore Ravens most recently, participating in their training camp. He's played for the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings and the Patriots throughout his career.

Vikings build stadium

The Minnesota Vikings broke ground on their new stadium on Tuesday. The new $1 billion project is expected to take at least two yearsto complete, and the team hopes to be able to complete the project by the 2016-17 season. They Vikings will play the season 2014-2015 at TCF Bank stadium. It is the which is home to the University of Minnesota football team.

Cribbs will likely be gone by the end of the this year, Reynaud signed

The New York Jets could be without cheap madden nfl 23 coins  kick returner Josh Cribbs for the remainder of the season. Cribbs sustained a shoulder injury that Head coach Rex Ryan described as "bad." Cribbs has been steady this season, so the Jets definitely need someone to assume the role. The team signed Darius Reynaud on Tuesday, who's likely to be the replacement for Cribbs.