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WSF Forum - Sprawy / How to save yourself from long covid brain fog?
« dnia: Grudnia 06, 2022, 03:14:47 »

Under the influence of covid-19, many suffer from long covid brain fog, especially brain fog, which makes patients feel confused every day, inattention, memory has been declining, and they are always tired and sleepy, but they seem to be unable to fall asleep again. brain fog long covid makes it almost impossible to live a normal life, let alone work, and it is impossible to be independent at all. My doctor advised me to keep daily memos, force myself to do some exercise, adjust my schedule and eating habits, so that I can barely live. But since my memory is very poor, I often forget how to do it. This makes me miserable, why don't others have sequelae?

There are many papers on post covid brain fog in LongCovidCareCenter, which describe in detail the causes of brain fog induction. I have to accept this reality, it is not enough to just follow the method they provide, because I don't know what the state of my brain is now, I think I need to consult LongCovidCareCenter to get the exact post covid brain fog treatment , maybe I am the lucky one among the unlucky ones. I hope that with the help of LongCovidCareCenter, I can return to normal life as soon as possible.


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